“Early on in the sales cycle, we knew that the client’s data retention policies in the context of their requirement to become GDPR compliant would necessitate a fairly intense lift and shift from their existing instance into their new instance. Given the volume of data in their position, on an instance provisioned on ServiceNow pre-Aspen, the only way to accomplish the business outcomes would be to leverage Precision Bridge. “Manual” could simply never be an option. With Precision Bridge, we are best positioned for success in this engagement.”

Andrew Paolino, Managing Director Highmetric LLC


“The ITSM Bridge Data Migration product delivered above our expectations. We were able to configure complicated value mapping algorithms, target side scripts for lookups, and handle large transaction volume with little oversight. Capgemini would be inclined to use this tool again.”

Jeff Becker, Service Integration System Architect, Capgemini

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“ITSM Bridge is the must have tool for organisations looking to migrate data from BMC Remedy to ServiceNow in the shortest possible timeframe. The out of the box data mappings and migration options saved many man days of researching and testing enabling us to hit a very aggressive timeline.

In addition to providing the tool we required, ITSM Bridge provided us with an excellent level of support, helping us create the best migration strategy using the tool and answering our questions within 24hrs.

In short if your organisation is transitioning from BMC Remedy to ServiceNow, ITSM Bridge is exactly what you need.”

Anton Schnider, Systems Designer, Business Continuity Services

“Using ITSM Bridge exceeded our expectations and generated significant time-savings on our migration project to ServiceNow. I have worked with many third-party tools but ITSM Bridge is hands down the best I've seen both flexible and efficient, providing useful error logging, migration tracking while making audit review quick and simple. ” 

Mark Taylor, Systems Architect, 6MDM Technology