September 2019: Wellstar Health System selects Precision Bridge

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WellStar Health System, one of the largest health systems in Georgia, is known nationally for its innovative care models, focused on improving quality and access to healthcare. Staying ahead of the curve in technology has enabled WellStar to be leaders in both the diagnosis and treatment of an extensive array of health conditions.

As an established user of the ServiceNow platform, WellStar has a mature set of ITSM and ITBM applications that have been heavily customised and needed to move to a new Madrid instance. After reviewing various options and a successful trial, Precision Bridge was selected to deliver the migration to the new platform.  

Precision Bridge was chosen because of its pre-built migration templates, its ability to maintain data-integrity across platforms and reliable migration of journal entries.

Mark Herring, co-founder of Precision Bridge commented: “We are delighted that WellStar Health System have chosen Precision Bridge to address their migration requirements.  It underlines the growing endorsement from the industry that Precision Bridge can address some of the most complex migration requirements.  We wish them well in the successful implementation of this project”.

August 2019: Global leader in aerospace industry completes migration project using Precision Bridge

Earlier this year, a global leader in the aerospace industry selected Precision Bridge to address their requirement to migrate ITSM and ITBM application data from a customised on-premise ServiceNow instance and merge it into an existing cloud instance.

We are pleased to report the the project was completed successfully on time in less than 2 months. Without Precision Bridge, the project was expected to take several months longer and there were some significant technical challenges that could not easily have been addressed without the tool.


In particular, the migration of attachments, preservation of sys-id values across platforms, migration of journal entries and migration of contextual workflow. Each of these would have required time-consuming specialist development and scripting work without the Precision Bridge tool.


Following the news of project completion, Mark Herring, Co-founder of Precision Bridge commented: “We are delighted that Precision Bridge has successfully addressed the migration requirements for this global customer. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and provides yet another endorsement of the value that Precision Bridge can bring to the table in addressing cross-instance data migration requirements”.

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July 2019: Precision Bridge 4.3 Released

We are pleased to announce the 4.3 release of Precision Bridge which is now available for download as a free trial, new production install or upgrade.

The 4.3 release includes support for migrating data from any Salesforce application including BMC Remedyforce to any ServiceNow instance.

Includes pre-built templates for Incident, Problem, Change, Task and CMDB application tables in Remedyforce;

New option to sync data between environments at a configurable frequency to keep data-sets in-step across applications;

Seamlessly integrate any Salesforce application with ServiceNow

Seamlessly integrate any Salesforce application with ServiceNow

Supports use of the Query Builder to define a specific sub-set of records for syncing/migrating;

Maintains data integrity across applications;

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June 2019: Highmetric selects Precision Bridge for key customer migration project.

Highmetric, a ServiceNow certified Gold Sales and Gold Services partner recently selected Precision Bridge to address the data migration requirements for a key customer in the global education services sector.   Precision Bridge will be used to address the migration of Organisation, CMDB, ITSM, ITBM and custom applications from a Kingston instance running on Oracle to a Madrid instance running on MariaDB.

Andrew Paolino, managing director of Highmetric commented: “Early on in the sales cycle, we knew that the client’s data retention policies in the context of their requirement to become GDPR compliant would necessitate a fairly intense lift and shift from their existing instance into their new instance. Given the volume of data in their position, on an instance provisioned on ServiceNow pre-Aspen, the only way to accomplish the business outcomes would be to leverage Precision Bridge. “Manual” could simply never be an option. With Precision Bridge, we are best positioned for success in this engagement.”

Mark Herring, Co-Founder of Precision Bridge commented: “By using Precision Bridge, Highmetric will be able to automate much of the migration process and eliminate most of the manual effort and risks associated with manual extraction and importing.  They will also be able to select subsets of data (e.g. just active records), maintain cross-table referential integrity, include or exclude selective customisations and seamlessly migrate attachments to the new platform.  I am delighted that Highmetric have chosen to deploy Precision Bridge, and wish the team every success in completing this important project”.

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May 2019: Precision Bridge 4.2 Released

We are pleased to announce the 4.2 release of Precision Bridge which is now available for download as a free trial, new production install or upgrade.

The 4.2 release includes the migration/backup of ServiceNow tables to a separate MS SQL database allowing the target data to be used for reporting, business intelligence, restoring to another SN instance or integration with an on-premise application;

Includes pre-built templates for common ServiceNow application tables;

Supports use of the Query Builder to extract/backup a specific sub-set of records for each table;

Option to extract the Display value for all reference fields;

Re-run periodically to backup changes since the last migration;

Business Intelligence/Analysis of exported ServiceNow data-sets

Business Intelligence/Analysis of exported ServiceNow data-sets

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April 2019: Global leader in aeronautics and aerospace industry selects Precision Bridge

A global leader in the aeronautics and aerospace industry in the United States recently selected Precision Bridge to help them migrate data from their on-premise ServiceNow instance to the cloud.

With a range of ITSM and ITBM applications, there was a specific requirement to migrate reference and transactional data from the on-premise instance to the cloud instance while maintaining data integrity.

One of the key reasons for selecting Precision Bridge was the ability to migrate in-flight workflow relating to transactions. This means that workflow actions such as approvals and tasks on the target instance can continue where they left off without the need for re-submitting or re-starting transactions.

Mark Herring, co-founder at Precision Bridge commented: “We are delighted that this new global customer have selected Precision Bridge. It endorses the product capability in migrating customer data to the cloud and we are 100% committed to making this project as successful as our previous customer deployments".

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February 2019: ITSM Bridge is now Precision Bridge

Over the past few months, in consultation with our customers and partners we have been through an extensive re-branding exercise resulting in a name and logo change from ITSM Bridge to Precision Bridge. This reflects the latest and growing capability of the product in addressing the data migration and integration needs of customers for non-ITSM applications such as HR, ITBM, CSM and custom apps.

Precision Bridge FF.png

Rest-assured there is no change to the product functionality - it is still the same great product that our existing customers and partners are familiar with other than the change of name. We are grateful for your continued support as we continue to roll-out new product enhancements and integrations to address your requirements and more information on these will follow in due course.

January 2019: ITSM Bridge 4.0 Release with migration scheduling

We are pleased to announce the 4.0 release of ITSM Bridge which includes advanced migration scheduling. This adds significant flexibility to the product by allowing operators to schedule multiple projects to run out of hours without needing to manually initiate them.

Scheduling of multiple migration projects

Scheduling of multiple migration projects

Summary of new features included in the 4.0 release:

  1. Scheduling of multiple migration projects to run at pre-defined scheduled dates/times

  2. Option to configure migration dependencies to control sequencing of scheduled projects

  3. Option to force migrations to start outside of defined business hours to limit impact on operations

  4. New Instance Comparison Analysis and Reporting to view differences in data models for any table;

  5. New Execution view to separate design activities from scheduling executions and reporting;

  6. New enhanced reporting UI with both summary and detailed reports showing number of creates/updates/skips/warnings/errors for every table mapping and for the project as a whole;

  7. Improved performance for loading and viewing project definitions;

  8. Auto-highlighting of missing tables in red in the mapping list;

  9. New migration templates for migrating reports, business rules, client scripts and notifications between ServiceNow instances.

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Systems Integrator saves 90% effort migrating data to ServiceNow

A global Systems Integrator recently completed a significant migration project using ITSM Bridge to migrate a customer from multiple legacy platforms to ServiceNow.

The client’s requirements included the transfer of all knowledge, CMDB, foundation data, software contracts, and two years’ worth of transaction data from the incident, problem, known error, change, request, and task forms including related CIs and historical work-log entries.  In addition to migrating from the legacy ITSM platform, the requirements included transferring a Microsoft SharePoint Library and CA Clarity Projects to ServiceNow.  Each of the sources contained live and historic data.  The live data needed to create viable transactions that would be managed through the complete ServiceNow lifecycle thereby maintaining data integrity.

By using ITSM Bridge, it took one person just 2 months to complete the required data mappings, migration, testing and deployment to production. Without ITSM Bridge, the Systems Integrator estimated that it would have taken a team of 4-6 people at least 6 months to deliver using a purely manual approach which would have been fraught with the risks of human error.

Mark Herring, Co-Founder of ITSM Bridge commented: “I am delighted that this project has been such a success. It instils confidence and re-assurance in both the technical delivery teams and management that such projects can be cost-effective, delivered on time and provide results that are accurate and reliable. Without ITSM Bridge some migration projects are deemed too time-consuming and expensive to deliver meaning that valuable data can be left behind. This project clearly demonstrates that migrating valuable data can be done in a cost-effective timely manner with reliable results”.