September 2019: Wellstar Health System selects Precision Bridge

Screenshot 2019-09-17 at 10.04.38.png

WellStar Health System, one of the largest health systems in Georgia, is known nationally for its innovative care models, focused on improving quality and access to healthcare. Staying ahead of the curve in technology has enabled WellStar to be leaders in both the diagnosis and treatment of an extensive array of health conditions.

As an established user of the ServiceNow platform, WellStar has a mature set of ITSM and ITBM applications that have been heavily customised and needed to move to a new Madrid instance. After reviewing various options and a successful trial, Precision Bridge was selected to deliver the migration to the new platform.  

Precision Bridge was chosen because of its pre-built migration templates, its ability to maintain data-integrity across platforms and reliable migration of journal entries.

Mark Herring, co-founder of Precision Bridge commented: “We are delighted that WellStar Health System have chosen Precision Bridge to address their migration requirements.  It underlines the growing endorsement from the industry that Precision Bridge can address some of the most complex migration requirements.  We wish them well in the successful implementation of this project”.