Instance Migrator now on ServiceNow store

We are pleased to announce that the ITSM Bridge Instance Migrator application is now available on the Service Now store, here.    

Instance Migrator is a ServiceNow certified migration utility which allows customers to migrate selected data from one instance to another.  For highly customised applications, or when migrating from multi-domain to single-domain, it often makes sense to re-platform to a vanilla instance as part of the upgrade process.  But doing so in a reliable way without loss of functionality can be a challenge.   

Instance Migrator provides an intuitive table-mapping user interface which allows the user to choose which tables to migrate and which field-level customisations to include in the migration whilst maintaining data integrity across platforms without the need for intensive scripting or other development.  By automating the migration process, it can substantially reduce the effort, time and cost of completing the re-platforming exercise whilst providing the opportunity to purge historical or redundant records.

For services partners, Instance Migrator can drive improvements in productivity by delivering projects faster without impacting on revenue, thereby freeing up resources to work on other projects.

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