ITSM Bridge HR Migrator on Service Now Store

We are pleased to announce that the ITSM Bridge HR Migrator application is now available on the Service Now store here

This application is for customers that have the legacy version of the Service Now Human Resources application (v1) and have upgraded, or are planning to upgrade to the Service Now Human Resources Scoped application (v2 on Jakarta or v3 on Kingston).

ITSM Bridge migrates transaction data from the legacy application to the scoped application.  In particular, HR Cases and associated Tasks, attached Knowledge articles, Document Attachments, Related Items, Task SLAs, Parent/Child Relationships, Cloned Task Relationships, HR Templates with associated fields, Template Knowledge Articles, Checklists and Record Producers

Post migration, customers can manage historical and active case records from within the new HRSD scoped application.  They can also make use of templates migrated from the legacy application without having to re-create them from scratch.

ITSM Bridge allows users to select the type and range of records to migrate, (e.g: Only Active case records created since Jan 2017). It maintains data integrity for all migrated records and comprehensive reporting on all migrations backed-up by best-practice use of Service Now Import Sets providing full traceability.

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