June 2019: Highmetric selects Precision Bridge for key customer migration project.

Highmetric, a ServiceNow certified Gold Sales and Gold Services partner recently selected Precision Bridge to address the data migration requirements for a key customer in the global education services sector.   Precision Bridge will be used to address the migration of Organisation, CMDB, ITSM, ITBM and custom applications from a Kingston instance running on Oracle to a Madrid instance running on MariaDB.

Andrew Paolino, managing director of Highmetric commented: “Early on in the sales cycle, we knew that the client’s data retention policies in the context of their requirement to become GDPR compliant would necessitate a fairly intense lift and shift from their existing instance into their new instance. Given the volume of data in their position, on an instance provisioned on ServiceNow pre-Aspen, the only way to accomplish the business outcomes would be to leverage Precision Bridge. “Manual” could simply never be an option. With Precision Bridge, we are best positioned for success in this engagement.”

Mark Herring, Co-Founder of Precision Bridge commented: “By using Precision Bridge, Highmetric will be able to automate much of the migration process and eliminate most of the manual effort and risks associated with manual extraction and importing.  They will also be able to select subsets of data (e.g. just active records), maintain cross-table referential integrity, include or exclude selective customisations and seamlessly migrate attachments to the new platform.  I am delighted that Highmetric have chosen to deploy Precision Bridge, and wish the team every success in completing this important project”.

For more information contact help@precisionbridge.net