Systems Integrator saves 90% effort migrating data to ServiceNow

A global Systems Integrator recently completed a significant migration project using ITSM Bridge to migrate a customer from multiple legacy platforms to ServiceNow.

The client’s requirements included the transfer of all knowledge, CMDB, foundation data, software contracts, and two years’ worth of transaction data from the incident, problem, known error, change, request, and task forms including related CIs and historical work-log entries.  In addition to migrating from the legacy ITSM platform, the requirements included transferring a Microsoft SharePoint Library and CA Clarity Projects to ServiceNow.  Each of the sources contained live and historic data.  The live data needed to create viable transactions that would be managed through the complete ServiceNow lifecycle thereby maintaining data integrity.

By using ITSM Bridge, it took one person just 2 months to complete the required data mappings, migration, testing and deployment to production. Without ITSM Bridge, the Systems Integrator estimated that it would have taken a team of 4-6 people at least 6 months to deliver using a purely manual approach which would have been fraught with the risks of human error.

Mark Herring, Co-Founder of ITSM Bridge commented: “I am delighted that this project has been such a success. It instils confidence and re-assurance in both the technical delivery teams and management that such projects can be cost-effective, delivered on time and provide results that are accurate and reliable. Without ITSM Bridge some migration projects are deemed too time-consuming and expensive to deliver meaning that valuable data can be left behind. This project clearly demonstrates that migrating valuable data can be done in a cost-effective timely manner with reliable results”.