We simplify the migration of data between Service Management platforms.

Use Case 1: Re-platforming

If your Service Management applications have been heavily customised over the years, it makes sense to move to an OOB vanilla version as part of your upgrade process. For example, upgrading from a customised ServiceNow Jakarta instance to an OOB London instance, or from a customised BMC Remedy 8.1 application to the latest 18.08 OOB version.

In either case its a great opportunity to rationalise what you have in place today and take forward just the customisations that you really need.

Using Precision Bridge, you can analyse the differences between your current applications and your target OOB application to help with the planning of your migration to the new platform. Then use one or more of the Precision Bridge migration templates to seamlessly move your data to the target platform without the need for data exports, spreadsheets or intermediate databases.

Use Case 2: Migrating from On-Premise to the Cloud

If you want to move your Service Management applications from On-Premise to the Cloud then the same issues apply as in Use Case 1 - you can use this as an opportunity to tidy up and only migrate what you need to the target platform. Precision Bridge comes with a suite of migration templates that allow you to streamline the cloud migration process whilst maintaining data integrity.

Use Case 3: Solutions for Managed Service Providers

Managed Service Providers (MSPs), face some unique challenges when it comes to data. There are two common scenarios where migration of data comes into play:

a) Customer On-Boarding

For customer on-boarding there is often a requirement to load data from the customer’s existing legacy platform. Most likely this will be valuable data such as Knowledge Articles, Assets or Contracts but in some cases customers may want to migrate transaction data as well.

In any case, the data model for the legacy platform is likely to be very different from your current system so migrating the data can become a bit of a headache. Fortunately Precision Bridge has pre-built adaptors to simplify the migration of data between difference Service Management platforms (e.g. BMC Remedy -> ServiceNow) and pre-built migration templates to map the legacy data model to the new one (e.g. BMC Remedy Knowledge -> ServiceNow Knowledge) without the need for spreadsheets, formatting or development work.

b) Migrating tenants to a dedicated instance

If one of your tenants has a particular set of requirements that are not relevant to the remaining tenants, it makes sense to move them to their own dedicated instance. In this case you will most likely be migrating from a Multi-Domain instance to a Single-Domain. In this scenario, Precision Bridge can help by identifying all data which is specific to that tenant as well as the common data so that it can easily be migrated to the new platform whilst maintaining data integrity.

Rather than spend time figuring out how to perform data migration from platform to platform, organisations can now spend their valuable time figuring out what to migrate, and then do so in an automated fashion. The end result? Saved dollars and improved data quality.

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