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Key Features

  • Migrate complex sets of data at the push of a button;
  • Perform advanced data transformations without the need for scripting or coding or any kind;
  • Application vendor agnostic (initial focus on BMC Remedy and Service Now applications); 
  • Simultaneous connection to source and target applications (no importing, exporting or formatting of data required);
  • Selective extraction of records using advanced query based filtering;
  • Intelligent transformation of data using set of conversion functions (SUBSTR, REPLACE, UPPER, LOWER etc.);
  • Templates act as foundation for migration projects and accelerate delivery;
  • Run migration as a one-off or periodic to sync data between different applications;
  • Reporting on completed migrations for review and analysis (including Errors, Warnings etc.);
  • Configurable deletion of target records where no matching source record is identified (or using Query builder);

Key Benefits

  • Significant cost and time savings for migration projects;
  • Maintains Data Integrity across platforms;
  • Secure and Reliable, removes the risk of manual migration work;
  • Removes dependency on developers to transform data sets;

Product Overview

One of the biggest challenges facing enterprise customers that want to transfer their ITSM infrastructure to a new platform is migrating their application data.  Typically they will have spent several years capturing important data on their legacy ITSM platform that they want to preserve such as customers, sites, contacts, SLAs etc.  Most of this data is inter-related in some way so you cant just export and import it table by table.  And of course the data model on the legacy and target systems will be quite different, most likely one-many or many-one type relationships, sometimes mapping across different data-types with application specific constraints.

What this means is that customers (or external consultants) have to spend a lot of time analyzing data records, working with spreadsheets to format the data after exporting it, then manually importing it onto the target platform and testing.   

ITSM Bridge removes all that work by providing a simple intuitive interface supported by pre-built templates that allow users to select the data they want to migrate and map it directly to the target environment.  Once the selection has been completed and stored as a project, it uses web-services and/or APIs to dynamically migrate the data to the target platform without the need for any formatting or manipulation.   Once the migration has been completed, the template can be used again whenever necessary to synchronize the data from legacy to target in situations where customers are running both in parallel or where the master source of the data is permanent but separate from the target.

ITSM Bridge also supports customers that want to migrate from one server environment to another of the same platform type (e.g. BMC Remedy to BMC Remedy) as part of an upgrade or for application data synchronisation.

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